From Sand Dunes to Ocean Waves – Nature Unlimited!

Painting and Drawing journals fill my (Ana Pereira de Vlieg) daily life.

Depicting the South African landscape with integrity, I prefer to work from life, in order to capture the subtleties of light and atmosphere.

In the studio critical intentions soon revert to love when I see sand grains still stuck to the pure single pigment Artist’s oils that I use.

My writings for ‘The South African Artist Magazine’ described these creative explorations as my ‘life in a tin’. This could be from my self-made watercolour tin or oil palette, ready to jump into action at any given moment.

Covid Lockdown had me awake to the sunrise over the sea. As I saw the ships, I painted.

Posting words of encouragement gained me a new relationSHIP… and drew the attention of a seafarer who gave insight into the world of sailing and the hardships of anchoring many months offshore.

Seascape. Sky. Ships. These all nestled into my  miniature paintings.



Sunrise to sunset, I continued until the neighbour built a wall that blocked the view of the rising sun. Changing tactics, I went in search of a relevant substitute and found a similar excitement in the desert.

From there the journey progressed, until three years later an exhibition will be held in May 2024, under the expertise of Maria Soares at Tamasa Gallery. Details will be released soon.

This is a journey from the heart to the wooden panel. It tells visual stories from across Southern Africa. It speaks of our passion to want to hold this space sacred to live in.

The tools of my trade have offered me solace. The artworks are messages for the individual. Reflections, reminders and ready-made manuals of light in a chaotic world.

May they continue to be carriers of peace and serve to love through eyes that choose to gaze upon the space offered to them.