“”Perhaps books will be written about Shirley Howells, it may not only be about her artwork but about how she counselled and how she inspired and offered hope to the downtrodden and how she shared and gave away even in times of  lack.

Shirley still teaches from her studio in Durban and this year will be exhibiting again at the Hilton Arts Festival. After celebrating her 90 year birthday she will join myself and Karin Smit to facilitate the annual Spring Clarens Art Retreat. Here is a peak at some of her artworks.What joy she is to me.

My heart fills with all things toasty warm as I think on this woman about to turn 90. 

Nothing is too difficult,  she paces herself to include rest.

She paints with speed and simmers only to allow her body to catch up. 

An inspiration and a biography to be remembered and spoken of and declared.

Intuitively confidant, she paints from her heart. 

Having a loose approach she also has boundaries that offer her comfort like the limited colour palette she has grown to use. 

As much as she shares her knowledge of how she paints she also alludes, offers and  acknowledge’s with respect the ways of others too.

I have had the privilege of facilitating beside her and also sharing art insights too.”

This year we will be honoured to see her work at the Hilton Art Festival, located in the foothills of the Drakensburg, in the beginning of the midlands meander route so fondly sought after by tourists far and wide.