AnA, An Artist…with a pANArama view of the world that surrounds me is to be found at this link …

This website name was found and designed by Dallas Dahms thank you. 🎉for your  patient teaching and thorough training Dallas. You help add value to my message to serve people and use my individual skills.


The lettering and logo was translated in wonder by the creative brand designer in the Cape. Candace, thank you for simply “getting me”. It is a difficult thing to talk about oneself and your questions helped chisel the block of marble to create what I hope will bring joy to people.

Teaching and Facilitating creatives to “breath” leads me to all kinds of 💕 hearts.
And I love hearts. ❤️💛🧡those who cross over the doorway into my studio will know it. Thank you for sharing your stories with me in a visual sense so that I may help you to best pack your backpack on this, your journey through life.

This is me in my studio. Intentionally built in 2007,  onto the home where I live in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, delighted by my husband and children.
I paint and teach in this creative womb like safe space. That is when I am not out painting “en plein aire”.

The video is well put together don’t you think?
A big applaud goes to
Andrew Sutton  who is talented on many levels, with video, photography, singing , drama. I have known Andrew from a youngster, commanding the stage of school plays with inspirational enthusiasm. Click on the link and you in for a treat as you listen to his songs and see his videos.

Andrew is favoured by teenagers, young adults that he mentors when working at
The work he has done for  is exemplary . Adults love him for his kind , passionate and pleasant nature. His enthused interest in his clients goes beyond “duty” in an attempt to catch their heart and as seen here …
give expression in a visual sense. Thank you Andrew 💛I am so pleased.

Join me as Spring bursts open and I am one of the facilitators for the Clarens  Art Retreat,  1 – 6 September. 2023.

You are invited to email Karin at for further details.Limited space left.