Creativity not only teaches the skills of art but also allows space for creative expression of feelings, desires and dreams. 

On the one hand I love “old master” painting where high quality pigment from expensive paint tubes is used to produce glowing, long lasting, lightfast results that keep customers happy for years and even generations to come.

My other hand holds creativity where skills are not necessarily needed, but intuition is. Creativity has many benefits. I find that in my art practice, there is an increase of people seeking out “loose and abstract” painting. 

Seeking out process rather than product and imperfection rather than perfection. 

This sounds easier than it is and we laugh our way along the journey and recognise the many metaphors art has paralleling life. 

I work with communities that cannot afford the high price of artists’ pigments.  In my pursuit of nurturing creativity instead of making youngsters and adults  experts in a day, I look for other ways to produce honest work with little cost. 

Onto centre stage comes my friend and High School Art Teacher, Joan Martin. She and I have taken to experiment and play and paint in my studio. 

Andrew Sutton, friend, talented video, musician, youth pastor and social media expert ( instagram – Andrew_sutton_sa) caught this photo of us in one of his visits to my studio.

The objective is to come up with better teaching strategies, different material and ways to make art exciting and wondrous for our students. 

For this I am so grateful to her. 

You will be benefit from following her teaching platforms and artistic drawings.


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