Travel with me to the wilder landscapes of Southern Africa. 

The warm air embraces us as we embark on a trip in the high game vehicle.

As we pursued a lead to find lion, we came around a corner and saw the mother rhino , startled by the sound of the vehicle.  She edged herself between us and her calf and as we watched I pulled out my sketchbook and used my pen to draw her. Curiosity caused the cute calf to come around and  inspect us, it’s fans .The elephant was not startled when we came around a corner and saw him down the dirt road. We reversed some distance to allow the giant space. Elephants graze slowly and consistently. These are my best to draw from life as the forms are solid and easily recognisable. I have seen the strength of their forty thousand muscled trunk  when  uprooting small thorn trees. 

I am mesmerised, pen doodling on paper to the beat of my heart rather than my sight and mind. 

Both experiences were magical.  Both drawings in my sketchbook remind me of who I shared this memory with – my husband. My walking encyclopaedia as I often introduce him.  I thank him for making our safaris so interesting and packed with information. Be it animal, bird and perhaps the  geography and history of the area too. Thank you Andrew,  especially as on this trip we celebrated our twenty fifth wedding anniversary.  

Materials used : 

Travelling leather bound sketchbook with A6 blank pages 

Micron pigment ink black .1

Sennelier ink ( walnut) used in portrait of Andrew. 

About Ana 

Painting for me is likened to the creative breath between my conscious and unconscious mind. I respond to light from nature. Mixing colour, attempting to catch the atmosphere, the essence of feeling, is recorded on my canvas and drawn on paper. What in turn becomes a conversation for you to continue, becomes for me a comma in the sentence of my life, living enthusiastically on this side of heaven.

My experiences are shared and celebrated.

AnArtist is the personal brand for Ana Pereira de Vlieg, a local South African/ Portuguese fine artist, art facilitator and teacher.  Born in Mozambique, she works from her studio in Durban when she is not out travelling with her portable easel.

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