This painting was inspired two of my favourite people, Marriage and Family Councillor Marilyn Read and Pastor George Gourlay. The topic was Courage and Fighting the Good Fight. 

The glorious energy I felt while painting induced a good sweat. Painting in short spaces of time can be challenging and your arms need to be strong to sustain the sweeping of the many brushes within a limited time frame. 

Surprisingly towards the end, my brush felt light and I was lost in the “throne room of Creativity.” 

“That we may soar on wings of eagles. That we may walk and not grow faint, run and not grow weary.”

This is what I experienced. 

The distant mountains and valleys represent the highs and lows in life. The air pregnant with hope. 

The blue in the land and sky for me suggests peace and calm along with silence and serenity of a space that is held in my imagination.

A place of rest and a place of destiny. A space and place of grace.

In essence the call to stand and to walk (the people silhouetted on top of the eagle are walking) as God carries us. We too need to fight to protect our seed. To expect resistance knowing that we are equipped to soar. So let us be active and do the walking. Let us pick up our gift seeds and walk.  

Isaiah 40:31 and Joshua 1.9

About Ana 

Painting for me is likened to the creative breath between my conscious and unconscious mind. I respond to light from nature. Mixing colour, attempting to catch the atmosphere, the essence of feeling, is recorded on my canvas and drawn on paper. What in turn becomes a conversation for you to continue, becomes for me a comma in the sentence of my life, living enthusiastically on this side of heaven.

My experiences are shared and celebrated.

AnArtist is the personal brand for Ana Pereira de Vlieg, a local South African/ Portuguese fine artist, art facilitator and teacher.  Born in Mozambique, she works from her studio in Durban when she is not out travelling with her portable easel.

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