Painting en Plein Aire (outside ) has an energy that invites the artist to dive into the deep end of creativity. Nature, my best teacher, holds my gaze as I survey the scene before me. 

The sun has risen, light catches the distant buildings across the bay. 

The Durban harbour entrance is flanked by two arms made up of interesting rock shapes. Sometimes, while one watches if one is patient,  light catches the wave that crashes against the rock creating a verdigris colour.

Addington Hospital, dressed in brick red, stands firmly facing the ocean. The Moses Mabide stadium stretches out her arms over her basket like architecture in a graceful pose. 

Once this scene is caught by my eye, yielded into my mind and digested through my brush and onto the wood panel in front of me – I breathe.

To breathe means to take it in and out so that it becomes part of my being.

My clever photographer friend Glynnis Hartwick  draws my attention to the light behind me. There is no exchange of words. Her expression of delight tells me I am in for a treat.

If you a lover of nature and the light it exudes, you will understand that landscapes, in this case seascapes can transfix and shift  your state of being. 

My brush was painting before words could describe the scene before me.

The ship mimicked the city surrounded by light.  It encourages us to  stand firm  and to keep on hoping for peace in our land. 

Painting outside has an energy that invites us all to participate in miraculous encounters with joy.